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Cachapuz and Mozambique: building a “heavy-weight” joint future!

22 January, 2016

Cachapuz‘s relationship with Mozambique dates back to 1950, when this began exporting its weighing solutions to the overseas provinces. Since then, Cachapuz has maintained a close relationship with this market, always attentive to their opportunities in order to establish itself as a reference in the design and implementation of customized solutions – hardware and software – for industrial weighing.


Mozambique has proven to be a country with strong business opportunities in various sectors, such as agriculture, construction and infrastructure, energy, among others. It is at this time, one of the ten countries with the highest annual growth in Africa – 7.4% in 2014, 7.5% in 2015 and 8% expected in 2016.


At the turn of the year, the 2016 intents are related to national unity, job creation and housing for young people in particular, and the relaunch of the national economy. The investment in the economy is clearly one of the major goals of this country that wants to ‘jump’ to the development stage by the end of this decade.


Believing in the projected business and those that the African market also is predicted to trigger, Cachapuz perseveres its bet in this market strengthening its regularity in its visits to the country and developing weighing solutions specifically tailored forthis market. To consolidate its proximity to Mozambique, Cachapuz has also, since 2014, established a partnership with Valinox, this being its sole representative throughout the country.


It is clear that all this African potential stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit of Cachapuz, a natural reflection of a company which intends to assert its ‘weight’ when a territory is an aspirant to the development and success.