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‘Heavy weight’ balance at Feira Internacional Ganadera!

13 October, 2015

From October the 1st to the 7th, the Feira Internacional Ganadera took place in Zafra, Badajoz where Cachapuz has left important marks that will surely stay in the visitors’ memory. The incredible affluence has contributed to the amazing ambient, where more than 1 million people could interact at the fair’s space.


Cachapuz was located at stand 9B (sector D) and presented many solutions for industrial weighing, namely the most adequate ones to the visitors’ agricultural needs. The visitors that didn’t know Cachapuz, quickly became surprised and amazed with the history of this company, as well as the innovative marks implemented over the decades.
The technological innovation and robustness of the solutions were also immediately distinguished characteristics by the ‘ganaderos’. Thus the four sales representatives who represented Cachapuz, easily made several contacts, whether for client prospects or partnership formation.


Cachapuz’s presence in this event was not only made of commercial meetings and brand communication. Cachopa, Cachapuz’s mascot, has called an ‘heavy weight’ attention. From young to older people, the visitors were marveled with the presence of this red cow which provided moments of joy registered by the dozens of flashes surrounding Cachopa.


Based on the conducted prospection and the positive balance regarding this participation, the Spanish market confirms its promising business potential as a territory full of opportunities. This event will be surely a strategic bet for next year, with the promise that Cachapuz will continue to demonstrate its leadership ‘weight’.