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FICIS 2015: Braga’s technology highlighted

20 April, 2015

From April, the 16th till 19th, the 1st edition of FICIS – Fórum Internacional das Comunidades Inteligentes e Sustentáveis (International Forum of the Intelligent and Sustainable Communities) – took place in Parque de Exposiçõesin Braga. Cachapuz was there, reinforcing its innovative character represented by its technological software solutions, as well as by the services and equipment for the industrial weighing sector.


As a national and international reference in the design and implementation of solutions for automation of weighing processes, its high technology added to the highest innovation were the key factors that boosted Cachapuz notoriety at FICIS. Besides that, the versatility and easy adaptation of those solutions to different sectors’ specific needs were also characteristics praised by the visitors.


One of the most highlighted solutions was SPAR – Sistema de Planeamento e Análise de Recolha (Planning System and Analysis Collection) – which provides several interaction points available to companies and citizens, optimizing the recycling center collection routes and allowing the citizens to communicate with the system in order to check specific recycling center data collection. It is important to promote everyone’s intervention to make this operation even more sustainable and friendly for the citizens, stimulating the arising of continuous networks of collaboration between all society agents.


During the FICIS, several “heavy weight” personalities were present at the Cachapuz stand. On the opening day, Cachapuz had the honour to welcome the Mayor of BragaRicardo Rio that took the opportunity to try some of Cachapuz’s solutions and also received a “guided tour” to see the promotional panels on display.


On the day that “Future of Cities, Economy and Governance” was discussed, the Vice Prime Minister of PortugalPaulo Portas was keen to know the historical and innovative path of this company from Braga. The executive director of the event, Ana Fragata points out that “there were many registrations, many people interested in an opened forum to the community”, once this event “has to be up to the technological innovations and what best we have to offer in the region”.


Cachapuz reinforces its positioning based on these premises. As a company worthy of the expression “smart company“, it has been contributing for the development and evolution of local and national economy.