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Cachapuz “lock and loaded” towards Mozambique

21 August, 2015

Cachapuz will be at the 51st edition of FACIM – Feira Agropecuária, Comercial e Industrial de Moçambique (Maputo International Fair) – between August the 31st and September the 6th.


Cachapuz’s relationship with Mozambique dates back to 1950, a year when Cachapuz began to export its weighing solutions to the overseas provinces. Since that time, Cachapuz has maintained a strict relation with this market, aware of its strategical importance in the African market and the African and Portuguese speaking countries.


Aware of the importance of the strong connection with market decision makers, Cachapuz has established a partnership with the Portuguese company Valinox which became its represent tative in the whole Mozambican territory.
Cachapuz will be present in this multi-sectorial event at stand 41-43 (hall 7Nachingweia), where it will show the most competitive solutions for industrial weighing, highlighting the quality and innovation as the main base of its positioning. Cachapuz’s brand historical ‘weight’ constitutes a tremendous asset to represent future commercial agreements during FACIM.


FACIM, considered as the major commercial event with international dimension in Mozambique, provides a meeting point between producers, sellers, buyers, investors, importers and exporters, among others. In the 2014 edition, FACIM has received around 84 600 visitors and companies from 26 countries. The main objectives of this fair are based in the promotion of trade exchanges, stimulating the production and consumption and in the development of synergies which could promote the Mozambique economic integration in global economy.


And ‘because together we have another weight‘ Cachapuz along with its representative Valinox, reaffirms its presence in the Mozambican territory, with weighing services and solutions that match a ‘heavy weight’ market.