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“Times do change. Do wills also change?”

12 January, 2015

As a “friendly company” of the Casa da Música Foundation, the country’s leading institution dedicated exclusively to music, whether in the field of presentation and public enjoyment, whether in the field of artistic training and creation, Cachapuz had the honour to share this space with its team.


“Times do change. Do wills also change?”. This was the chosen theme under the guidance of the speakers Adelino Cunha and Carla Dias, two acknowledged and recognized references when it comes to motivating.
Adelino Cunha is an entrepreneur, writer, business consultant, motivational speaker. He is one of the few trainers who is part of the elite team of Dr. Richard Bandler and John La Valle in Orlando. In 2002 he founded the system I Have The Power.


Carla Dias has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and began her Public Speaker career 10 years ago. She has launched her first book Top Service – The Choice is YOURS! in 2010 and the ‘Art of War’ in Customer Service in 2014, as part of the currently largest Portuguese editorial project. She takes as her life mission: “To contribute to the improvement of the service culture in Portugal and – why not? – In the world “, and accordingly established the Top Service Academy and launched the SMERVE movement.


The purpose of this action was centred on the ‘change’ concept. As the leading company in the industrial weighing sector, Cachapuz always needs to move with the time pace and therefore to change because Cachapuz always wants more, much more!


For the first time, this action took place throughout a whole day, and the discussions had a total duration of 5 hours. The group has undergone some dynamic and organizational dynamics, pointedly directed to the reality of the company.
It was another event with the Cachapuz’ stamp, dedicated exclusively to its employees, with the presence of two TOP speakers! It will certainly be a “heavy” action to be repeated.