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Cachapuz and Braga: the two ‘pans’ of the scale

14 July, 2015

Cachapuz was the company that boosted the industrial weighing sector in Braga. Several of its pioneer marks and its entrepreneur character have contributed mainly to the growth of the sector over time, targeting its strengths towards innovation.


Braga, Cidade da Balança‘ is a registered brand by Cachapuz, having as its main objective, positioning itself as a national historical reference born in Braga.
Braga is claimed throughout the country because of its notoriety as an intelligent city, innovative and with a well-qualified and differentiated ‘weight’.

Assuming itself as a corporate excellency incubator centre, Braga restates its character of intelligent city guided towards the future and towards the welfare of the people of Braga.


Cachapuz is ruled by the same pro-active behaviour principle that it has demonstrated in the last few decades, testing its innovative and entrepreneur capacity which Cachapuz has been enjoying for more than a century. Its “heavy weight’ actions have elevated the quality and competitiveness to another level generated by Braga’s corporate net.


Cachapuz and the city of Braga are in equilibrium as in the two ‘pans’ of the scale, wanting to promote everyone’s will to think and make the city counting on everyone’s so that it becomes sustainable and citizen-friendly, stimulating the arising of continuous networks of collaboration between all society agents.


It all comes down to a motto:

Together we have another weight!