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Case Studies

Sumol + Compal

26 February, 2020



SUMOL + COMPAL was born in 2009 as a result of the merger of two national leaders in the high-speed beverage market in Portugal – Sumolis and Compal. With 6 factories (4 in Portugal, 1 in Angola and 1 in Mozambique) it has more than 1600 employees and through its brands it is present in more than 70 countries, spread across 5 continents. Of the 120 thousand tons of fruit in its products, 30% per year are of national origin.





SUMOL + COMPAL, with the growth of the group and the growing need for a more efficient and reliable control of the fruit reception process, felt the need to computerize these processes. Needs were identified related to the process of registering fruit entries, the interface between weighing and the existing ERP and the analysis of information / indicators of fruit campaigns.





The current Cachapuz solution in the fruit area is the SLV Platform, with specific features for managing the campaign of various fruits. This solution integrates the connection to peripherals such as weighbridge, to obtain automatic weight, giving reliability to the weighing process.

Some of the data that SLV offers include:

– Weighing record, with automatic weight gain and associated information;

– Issuance of documents to control the quantity and quality of the fruit;

– Integration with the company’s ERP for greater efficiency and reliability in invoicing and stock management;





The implementation of Cachapuz solutions specific to the fruit area, at SUMOL + COMPAL, translated into an integrated management of the fruit campaign processes, which gave reliability, speed and security to the associated operations. It also enabled the extraction of business indicators adapted to the various stakeholders in the process, for a more efficient campaign management.


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