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Case Studies

Sograin – Socarpor Group (Portugal)

28 November, 2018


Seaports/Cereal Loading Company


New agri-food bulk terminal in Porto and Aveiro, owned and operated by Socarpor (Aveiro), S.A., whose operation started in August 2008. The Terminal has a storing capacity for 60,000 tonnes in metallic silos, and a ship unloading capacity of around 1000 tonnes per hour.


Testimonial from Nelson Castro Santos, Eng., Director of Sograin:

‘Cachapuz’s SLV Platform is versatile and flexible and it provides powerful tools for business analysis, to increase the operational performance and fulfil the company/terminal’s needs.’


Our solution

The SLV Platform has been parameterised to this specific area’s needs, providing software and equipment for the complete automation of bulk cereal loading, and the verification and analysis of business information. The solution was integrated in a Buhler’s WinCoS automation solution, which allows tracking the product from the container vessel that delivered it to the end customer that unloaded the product. In the dispatch area, an operator will register in SLV Expedition the customer’s information and the necessary product/quantities. This information is uploaded to a RFID card and handed to the truck driver. Every truck will wait in the parking until the system calls them on the information panel. After calling for the truck’s licence plate, the driver goes to the indicated loading silo and provides identification on the SLV kiosk. The first weight of the transaction is recorded and the operator begins the loading process. The SLV kiosk is integrated into Buhler’s automation system to monitor the quantities of cereal to be loaded onto the truck. At the end, the second weight is registered and the truck goes to the exit area where SLV Platform prints all the necessary documentation, enabling the driver to leave the Terminal.


The installed solution comprises:


  • SLV Platform integrated into Buhler WinCoS
  • 2 SLV bulk kiosks (with touch screen, RFID card reader and traffic lights)
  • 1 SLV Check-Out kiosk (with touch screen, thermal printer, RFID card reader, traffic lights and control barriers)
  • 2 Large weighbridges (29 metres in length)
  • 3 Information panels (1 large panel with visibility up to 150 metres away and 2 small panels)



  • Automated dispatch solution Rich data verification and analysis
  • Online integration into the Buhler WinCoS system Remote support for the whole system



  • Maximum amount of trucks serviced in one hour: 17 Maximum quantity loaded in one hour: 435 t
  • Maximum amount of trucks serviced in one day (8-hour shifts): 97 Maximum quantity loaded in one day (8-hour shifts): 2300 t Average loading time per truck: 2 minutes

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