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SLV Solutions by Cachapuz – Bring your business into the future

12 March, 2021


Sometimes more traditional sectors face greater challenges in this transforming process. But the potential and range of applications are huge.


Smart factories, gathering and analysis of data and statistics, automatized processes, real time information flow, more integrated and efficient plants are just some of the advantages that technology can bring. And Cachapuz, with a large experience and knowledge in this area, is the best partner to guide companies through the conversion process.


For Cachapuz digital transformation is much more than disruption and technological evolution. It’s a way to improve people’s life, develop better services and products, improve the economy, create a better world. And build a whole new future, together with our clients, partners and employees.


Advanced and process-oriented, SLV Solutions by Cachapuz Bilanciai Goup are a logistic solution to standardise and automate the flow of materials in manufacturing units, internationally recognised for its benefits and functionalities.

Costume-made by Cachapuz Bilanciai Group, these technological solutions fit any industrial unit, anywhere in the world. Safe, Intelligent and Connected, built by a team of experts and specialized business consulting, SLV Solutions by Cachapuz Bilanciai Goup ensure total efficiency throughout the entire flow of materials.



  • Real-time data sharing
  • Better productivity allocated to resources
  • More functional business units
  • More precise planning
  • Better efficiency in flow of materials
  • Better digitalisation of business units
  • Continuous resource optimisation
  • Better control of weighing operations
  • Total transparency in operations



  • When implemented in industrial units, SLV Solutions by Cachapuz Bilanciai Goup automate and optimise the weighing logistics process in several steps.
  • These solutions interrelate productive machines with their digital pairs, acting at several points of the value chain and making the industrial unit highly collaborative.


Sectors and Industries

  • SLV Solutions by Cachapuz Bilanciai Goup are cross-cutting to all industries and effectively fit the requirements and needs of the respective production unit.
  • Their added value has been widely recognised in the cement industry, with implementations on Cimpor, Secil, Votorantim and Intercement, as well as in reference companies from sectors as tomato processing, cereals and waste management.


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