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Case Studies

Nova Cimangola (Angola)

19 November, 2018

The SLV Cement solution plays an important role at the Nova Cimangola cement plant.


Cachapuz Bilaniai Group has been the main supplier of Nova Cimangola cement plant since 2007. The relationship between the two companies started with the supply and installation of two weighbridges on the entry/exit areas, and Nova Cimangola has recently asked Cachapuz to implement its SLV Cement solution, completely integrated into the customer’s management system ERP SAP, to improve the logistics of the parking lot, cement dispatch area and raw-material reception processes.


Nova Cimangola, located in Luanda, is Angola’s largest cement producer and as been relying on the help of Cachapuz Bilaniai Group products since 2007, to manage cement dispatch and raw-material reception. The relationship between the two companies began with the supply of two weighbridges in 2007, with elevated platforms and a capacity to weigh trucks up to 100 tonnes. That year, Cachapuz also installed a PC weighing software to help the cement plant manage simple weighing operations in the entry/exit areas. We expect new business opportunities for Cachapuz after the installation of ERP SAP financial and logistics modules in Nova Cimangola cement plant, by Konkconsulting.


The new challenges for Cachapuz and the SLV Cement solution were:

  • Managing and organising the parking area, introducing new rules for queue management.
  • Reducing and eliminating the manual introduction of weighing data by the operator on ERP SAP, in order to prevent mistakes and errors
  • Eliminating duplicate tasks by using two distinct systems to manage the entry/exit processes
  • Reducing SAP licences required, as only one was required per operator/shift
  • Monitoring improvement of every weighing operation in the cement plant Improving entry and exit processing times


Cachapuz has implemented the SLV Cement solution in late 2009. SLV Cement was completely integrated into ERP SAP due to the excellent partnership between Cachapuz‘ engineering team and Konkconsulting‘s team. The result of this joint work was a well-defined and appropriate integration of the interface, between SLV Cement and ERP SAP, which led to the best solution possible to fulfil the customer’s requirements.


Due to the system’s adaptability features, the SLV Cement primary modules were also parameterised and adjusted to improve user experience, so that the interface allows performing only the necessary actions in a more direct, intuitive and simple manner, enabling users to focus on their work rather than on the software. With SLV Cement modules, the number of required SAP licences for the dispatch processes were reduced significantly, and now users work with only one system: SLV Cement.


SLV Cement also reduced the number of documents linked to the reception and dispatch processes, all thanks to the integration into the ERP SAP. At the moment, the only documents used are the collection notice (only for customers), the delivery notice for customers and the unloading permit for the cement plant’s suppliers.


The management of the parking area was also improved with the implementation of SLV Cement, thanks to the solution’s queue organisation rules and management features. Every truck that arrives at the cement plant must wait for their turn in the parking area, while the SLV Cement manages the truck queue in a fair manner and informs which truck is to enter when the time comes. The SLV Cement parking area management module (Parking Zone Manager) plays a useful role in the cement plant’s logistics and prevents traffic jams, enabling trucks to move smoothly and avoid mistakes and errors when calling the trucks to load or unload inside the cement plant.


Thanks to its modularity and scalability, SLV Cement allows the integration of several optional hardware components, which can be adjusted to the customer’s demands and needs, such as traffic lights, barriers, positioning sensors, information panels, LCD displays and self-service kiosks. At the Nova Cimangola cement plant, the weighbridges were equipped with traffic monitoring components to improve safety. Two traffic lights were installed on each weighbridge (one to monitor the access to the weighbridge and another to monitor the exit), a control barrier to prevent access by unauthorised trucks and positioning sensors to validate the trucks’ positioning in weighing operations.


SLV Cement offers powerful monitoring tools that register every occurrence on the process’s control points, as well as the process’s dates and times. All the collected information is processed and aggregated in detailed reports, which are available for consultation by authorised system users and can also be analysed from different dimensions and perspectives. All the information processed and provided by SLV Cement helps those in charge to identify bottlenecks in dispatch processes and to take corrective measures to solve them and thus optimise the cement plant. At the Nova Cimangola cement plant, business indicator analysis modules were configured to mainly cover the expedition performance per area (parking area, entry and exit area), per process (cement loading, raw-material unloading), for the interface’s integration and the analysis of received and dispatched quantities, and the estimated deviation values compared to planned operations. The complete knowledge of cement dispatch and dispatch processes are only possible when the correct tools are available and when these fulfil the needs of the different users intervening in these processes.

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