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Case Studies

Ameryah Cimpor Cement Company (Egypt)

19 November, 2018


Cement Industry



The Ameryah Cimpor Cement Company is located in Alexandria, Egypt, and is one of the companies of the Cimpor Group. The cement plant has an annual production capacity of over 309 million tonnes.


Our solution

Ameryah Cimpor Cement Company had this system installed in 2008, to manage loading and unloading processes inside their industrial unit.

SLV Cement was customised to fulfil this industrial unit’s needs, by supplying software and equipment for the full automation of its operational areas (weighing, parking, entries/exits, bag loading and raw-material unloading), tools for process management and business information analysis (online information portals, statistical data, business indicators, automatic notifications, etc.) and the integration into the customer’s ERP SAP management system, both in online and offline mode (to ensure the cement plant continues to operate even if communications fail).


With this solution, the driver can carry a self-service loading/unloading process, interacting with the system’s components: They identify themselves at the parking kiosk, which validates the load or unload permission on SAP, and waits for the system to call them. Once they are called through the information panel, they go to the weighbridge entry, identify themselves and the system registers the first weight after verifying, with the positioning sensors, if the truck is in the correct position. When the traffic lights indicate they can proceed, they go the designated dispatch area and carry out the operation with the assistance of the SLV kiosk. Finally, the driver goes to the exit weighbridge, identifies themselves and the system registers the second weight, and prints the required documentation at the kiosk, thus concluding the operation.


The solution installed was SLV Cement and it comprises:

  • SLV Cement solution integrated into the ERP SAP System, both in online and offline mode
  • 6 weighbridges (2 under implementation)
  • 3 entry and exit areas (1 under implementation)
  • 1 SLV park kiosk (with touch screens and RFID card readers)
  • 1 Information panel (large, with up to 150 metres visibility)
  • 6 SLV Check-in kiosks (with colour touch screens, thermal printer, RFID card readers, traffic lights and positioning sensors)
  • 4 SLV Raw-materials kiosks (with RFID card readers and built-in traffic lights) 2 SLV Load system kiosks (with coloured touch screens)



  • Automated dispatch solution
  • Self-service operations available 26/7 Web interface and rich data verification
  • SAP integration (both in online and offline mode) System’s remote support



  • Number of operations performed in a year: over 220,000.00
  • Maximum amount of vehicles serviced in one hour: over 100 Maximum amount of vehicles serviced in a day: over 1000

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