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Innovation and Quality

There is no future without innovation, there is no innovation without quality

For Cachapuz, Innovation and Quality are the main factors for competitiveness, for creating added value and for ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of each customer. Thanks to its centuries-old experience, it concluded that it’s only possible to achieve pioneering outcomes for the market by collaborating, which led it to sign partnerships and protocols with information and electronic technology companies, as well as universities.

Innovative attitude

Cachapuz is a company recognised by its continuous innovation capability and pioneering contributions to the weighing sector. Its innovative attitude is aimed at making it a facilitator of each customer’s business, adding value as experts in the weighing sector. Cachapuz solutions are based on the SLV Platform, an innovating software that allows automating every loading and unloading processes, and associated operations, allowing it to adapt to any kind of economic activity and geography.


It currently takes on the responsibility of a leading influencer, based on the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ trend, whose main characteristic is ‘to be connected’! As such, together with National Scientific and Technology System entities, Cachapuz takes on the challenge to study emerging technologies and protocols that boost the development of their integrated weighing systems.


A good example is the work developed with the University of Minho and six companies from the Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies field, where Cachapuz contributed for the creation of ‘Pólo de Software do Minho’ [Minho Software Centre], an initiative of COTEC Portugal to identify ‘locally-created innovation centres’ that need to be strengthened and stimulated.


The continuous investment on R&D and the subsequent innovation capacity has led to the recognition of Cachapuz and its integration into COTEC’s network of Innovating SMEs.


More recently (May 2018), Cachapuz was invited, alongside other entities (Universities of Minho, Évora and Católica, INL and CEiiA, and companies Accenture, Bosch Car Multimedia, IKEA Industry, Celoplás, e-bankit, Neadvance, NOS, Primavera, Simoldes Plásticos, TMG Automotive and WEDO Technologies) to be part of ColabDTx, a new type of research cooperation in different fields.


Cachapuz is proud to be part of the Colab Dtx team, a research laboratory in the field of digital transformation. A cooperation project with the Foundation for Science and Technology and the National Innovation Agency aimed at increasing scientific knowledge and qualified labour.

Quality policy

Cachapuz assumes quality as an essential management tool, in order to ensure the competitiveness of the company and the commitment of all employees, suppliers and partners in the development of a culture of excellence, truly focused on the consumer.


The importance of certifications is reflected on Cachapuz’s commitment to quality in all products, solutions and services provided to its customers.

Technology you can trust

We are your reliable, innovative partner, always close and available to ensure the continued operability and profitability of your business.